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Review: Taste of children toothpaste...

Updated: Sep 19

I decided to give myself a try of some of the children toothpastes that I had recommended to my patients before. Many parents have expressed the difficulty in getting their children to switch toothpastes. The most common reason is that the child just does not like the taste of the new toothpaste. As some children may prefer fruity tastes over minty tastes, I hope this review will help you as the parent or caregiver to decide on which toothpaste that will help your child enjoy toothbrushing better. All the toothpastes mentioned below in this article contain at least the recommended 1000ppm fluoride concentration to prevent dental cavities.

1. For children who only like fruit-based flavours

I discourage the use of fruit-based flavours as they tend to make the child eat the toothpaste more than spitting it out. But these toothpastes have their fair share in market as majority of children do not tolerate strong tastes like mint until they are older. Fruit-based flavours generally allow most children to tolerate brushing for a longer time. Brands with fruity taste include Systema Super Smile 8+ years Natural Strawberry and Toms of Maine Children’s Fluoride toothpastes. If you would like the additional benefit of SLS-free (sodium lauryl sulphate-free), you can opt for Pearlie White Enamel Safe With Fluoride, Brush-Baby for 3-6 years or Oral7 Kids toothpastes.

2. For the more adventurous and ready for a change…bubble gum flavour

Some children may be ok with bubble gum flavour which is usually not too spicy for them. I find the advantage is that the bubble gum flavour is not as yummy to swallow compared to fruity flavours so theoretically there is a lower chance of your child ingesting the toothpaste willingly while brushing his/her teeth. That said, there are still some children who will swallow bubble gum flavour toothpaste. Bubble gum flavour brands in the market are Elgydium Junior 7-12 year old and Systema Super Smile 8+ years old Bubble Burst toothpastes. I personally prefer the latter as it tasted less sweet.

3. For parents who prefer to start their children on mint flavour

My personal bias is Aquafresh Little Teeth (3-5 years) or Big Teeth (6+ years) toothpaste. There is a mild mint taste which most children can tolerate but yet slightly sweet as well. The Little Teeth range is less minty than the Big Teeth one but the colourful paste and fluoride concentration for both are the same. Colgate Sugar Acid Neutraliser toothpaste is also another not-so-minty toothpaste that your child may be able to tolerate. If you want one with SLS-free, Sensodyne Pronamel is mildly mint-flavoured and does not foam so it’s a good alternative for those with sensitivity to chemicals in the mouth. These are good toothpastes to help with young children to move on to using adult fluoride toothpastes eventually which are mostly minty.

4. Adult toothpaste for the adult teeth

Generally I would recommend that most children try to move on to adult fluoride toothpastes when they get their adult teeth, usually about 6-7 years old. Some children can adapt to the change quickly while others will take a while to transition to the minty tastes of adult toothpaste. For not-too-minty and SLS-free adult toothpastes, Pearlie White and Sensodyne offer a good range of fluoride toothpastes that will still give some refreshing after-taste. For those who prefer stronger mint taste, some common brands are Colgate, Systema, Darlie and Oral-B.

The list above is just a guide so this does not mean that I do not recommend other brands that are not reviewed or mentioned. By all means if your child is not particular, other brands of toothpastes may be just as good. Just make sure you look for the correct concentration of fluoride in the toothpaste that you purchase for your child.

The table below here lists some toothpastes that can be found in stores and online according to the fluoride concentration, flavour and whether they are SLS-free (SLS stands for sodium lauryl sulphate, a chemical used to make the toothpaste foamy. Some people may be allergic to SLS). The list of toothpastes below is not exhaustive; it serves to provide some options to parents who may want to look for toothpastes with specific flavours or features.

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